Learn from researchers and practitioners who are at the forefront of Molinia management

Thursday 27 February 12:00 - 13:00 


As part of our MoorLIFE2020 project, we are running a webinar alongside Europarc Atlantic Isles on the subject of Molinia management.

Purple moor grass site at Moss Moor

Molinia caerulea, also called purple moor grass, covers large areas of deep peat.

It can dominate other blanket bog species, lowering the diversity of the bog and reducing its condition status as defined by Natural England.

A Molinia-dominated bog does not work in the same way as a healthy blanket bog. Often having a reduced cover of Sphagnum mosses, it may not reduce the risk of flooding as effectively because there is less roughness to slow the flow of water. Its capacity to lock in carbon is also minimised, and a Molinia-covered bog carries a high risk of wildfire ignition.

It is important that land managers, conservation organisations, academics and other practitioners work closely together to manage the risk that Molinia-domination carries for some of our vitally important blanket bogs.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to learn from farmers, ecologists and conservationists about how we can approach Molinia management using the latest research and knowledge from those at the forefront of the debate:

  • Dr Roger Meade, Marsden National TrustPurple moor-grass (Molinia caerulea) - a major issue in the South Pennines for land managers
  • Chris Fry, Moors for the Future Partnership: Managing Molinia for a protected landscape
  • Robin Milton, Exmoor National ParkMolinia management: A grazing option?
  • Dr Mike Pilkington, Moors for the Future Partnership: Diversification of Molinia-dominated swards using Sphagnum propagule

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