Please read our letter to contractors about the huge amount of peatland restoration work in the North of England in the coming years.

Contractor letter

North of England works map

The following tenders are currently live:

Great Ridge Pathway Restoration Works

Moors for the Future Partnership is undertaking a pathwork restoration scheme along the Great Ridge, a heavily used footpath in an upland location. The work will involve creating a detailed specification for the works, consultation with relevant stakeholders, along with the construction of the path, which will involve laying flagstones paths, aggregate paths, pitching and landscaping / drainage work. The contractor will also be responsible for supplying all materials and delivering them to site in away that maintains the upland character of the area.

Reference Number – MFF 80 2019-20

Closing date - 05/07/2019

Contract Start date - 29 July 2019

Contract Finish Date - 30 April 2020

Specifications, Documents and Conditions

Itemised Costs